Harry & Meghan, Volume II Trailer: On Institutional Protection and Gaslighting

Netflix has released the first trailer for the upcoming Volume II of the Harry & Meghan docu-series.

Volume I dealt primarily with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’ meet-cute and falling-in-love story–with a not insignificant primer on the British monarchy’s historic role in the slave trade, the post-slavery colonial era, and modern day racism in Great Britain.

The clip below makes clear that Volume II will be heavy on Harry and Meghan’s treatment at the hands of the royal family, Harry’s family, and the British media, and their decision to relinquish their roles as ‘working’ senior royals.

Take a look:

(LOL to Netfix for including English subtitles in an English language clip. I guess they don’t want us to miss a thing!)

The standout statements from the clip, made by Harry, are these:

“To see this institutional gaslighting.”

“They were happy to lie to protect my brother. They were never willing to tell the truth to protect us.”

Well, just that clip sent some corners of the British media into paroxysms of denials about the royal institution’s treatment of Harry and Meghan and preferential treatment of Prince William. A couple of examples:

First up, Daily Mail columnist Dan Wootton, who took to Twitter to claim the royal palaces did not leak negative stories about Meghan:

So Wootton “found out” about negative stories about Meghan because…magic? Exactly how could he have learned about bullying claims to report them if nobody from the place where the events allegedly happened (i.e., the palaces) talked, to him?

This is a different story that the one Wootton was telling in 2019 when he said, “Much of the negativity towards [the Sussexes] is coming from the royal family, and staff of the royal family are very often the ones leaking these stories to the press.”

Take a look:

So which is it, was Dan, let’s say, misspeaking back in 2019, or is he misspeaking now?

All we here at denisedailydose can say is that both of Dan’s statements can’t be true.

Next up, royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliam, pretending there could be no such thing as the palace protecting Prince William at Prince Harry’s expense. Now last we saw Richard he was giving his ‘expert’ opinion on Harry & Meghan’s interview with Oprah (presumably for a check) two days before it aired, that is, without having seen it.

Take a look:

Yesterday, ‘ole Richard popped up to pretend he’s never heard of protection for the royal family’s heir, Prince William, at the expense of other members:


Here’s Richard three days ago urging King Charles to “make ‘drastic’ changes to his… [second son] Harry’s position in the family” to protect his heir William’s legacy.

These people appear to forget that the internet is forever, and undefeated.

Below is a sampling of some members of the royal expert industrial complex going even further in confirming the palace-British media protection racket than what Harry said in the Netflix clip.

First, veteran tabloid writer Norman Baker saying he was told he couldn’t write about William and Kate, but could “say what [he] want[ed]” about Harry and Meghan.

Take a look:

Here are two tweets from Catherine Philp, foreign correspondent for The Times, confirming that palace courtiers leaked negative stories to the press about Harry and Meghan:

Finally, here’s a tweet from James Palmer, Deputy Editor at Foreign Policy magazine, also confirming that the palace did, indeed, feed Meghan to the wolves to protect William:

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Dan Wootton’s, let’s say, contradictions and Richard Fitzwilliam’s nonsense aside, Harry is correct about his institutional gaslighting by the royal family. Royal commentators have been going on television for years telling whoever was listening that the negative stories about Harry and Meghan were coming from inside the palace, and that they have been told to stand down on reporting anything but positive stories about William and Kate.

Harry has merely hinted in this first trailer that he’s been sacrificed to protect William. What we won’t know until Volume II drops is whether he will go as far as outing specific family members (and staff) as the culprits (and tell which stor(ies) each planted), or let them off the hook by blaming it all on the British media (and maybe generic staff).

Interesting times ahead!

[PHOTOS: Netflix]
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