Prince Henry Charles Albert David Isn’t Here To Burn Down The Palace…Well, At Least Not In “Spare”

Penguin Random House has announced the title, “Spare”, and release date, January 10, 2023, of the memoir of Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex.

The press release describes the Prince’s autobiography as personal portrait presented with “raw, unflinching honesty” and covering his “dedication to service, the military duty that twice took him to the frontlines of Afghanistan, and the joy he has found in being a husband and father.”

Predictably, within minutes of the announcement, the royal ‘expert’ industrial complex jumped into action to vilify the Prince, picking up where they left off at his granny’s funeral several weeks earlier.

Pierce Morgan was first out of the gate. A failed talk show host and former tabloid editor fired for publishing fake photographs of British soldiers purportedly abusing Iraqi civilians, Morgan put out no less than five tweets calling Prince Harry everything but a child of God. A sampling:

Lucky for the King, he wasn’t too aggrieved to put up his mother’s beloved horses for sale little more than a month after she died, netting a cool £1 million.

Next up, Angela Levin, who has spun a 20-minute interview with Prince Harry for a 2017 Newsweek magazine article into hundreds of paid print and television media appearances as someone who knows how Harry thinks and feels, even today, in 2022. The press release was issued too late in the day for her to jump on to a morning chat show to offer her ‘expert’ insight, so she dropped something for free on Twitter:

We here at denisedailydose looked at the book cover photo (below) several times and didn’t see the resentment Levin saw in Prince Harry’s eyes, but then we didn’t spend 20 minutes with him more than a half decade ago. So there’s that.

Enter Tom Bower, a peculiarity with an avowed one-sided vendetta against Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, whom he has never met. Bower wrote a book about the Duchess and was called out by several names featured in the book (including Thomas Markle, Sr., sit with that one for a second!) for various misquotes and false claims. Undeterred, Bower made multiple television appearances (presumably paid) the day after the latest book details were released.

In keeping with his creepy obsession with the Duchess, Bowers started off on Good Morning Britain fingering her as the “mastermind” behind Harry’s memoir. The evidence: she “is highly intelligent, very sophisticated.” Then, like the quintessential Scooby Doo villain melting down in real time, he said the quiet part out loud, “It’s Meghan I’m after…!”

Take a look:

So Meghan is responsible for her husband’s book and his decision to write it?

And Harry, a military man trusted by his country to undertake two tours of combat duty in Afghanistan, the second as an Apache helicopter pilot (one of the hardest helicopters to fly), and the founder of several respected charities, is a simpleton with zero agency?

Yeah, no!

What Bower is doing here is gleefully parading his misogynoir on front street knowing there won’t be repercussions, along the way letting the cat out of the bag that Meghan’s true crimes against that island are intelligence and sophistication while Black.

Bower ended his day over on GBN (presumably picking up another check), where he was joined by the dreadful Lady Colin Campbell, who by dint of a 5-minute marriage entered into 5 seconds after meeting the son of the Duke of Argyll plays an aristocrat on TV but these days earns her serious coin among the peasants of YouTube plying conspiracies about Meghan’s pregnancies.

Campbell claimed in a 2012 book that Elizabeth the Queen Mother’s parents decided they needed 10 instead of eight children and enlisted the family’s French maid to birth her and a sibling. Seriously. The evidence: The Queen Mother’s middle name was “Marguerite”, same as the cook; Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson called her, “Cookie”; and it was “widely known” in aristocratic circles. No, seriously!

That lady was invited on to television to give her ‘expert’ opinion that Prince Harry has a “credibility problem” and has “shown himself to have a loose relationship with the truth.”

(We’re gonna go ahead and call the time of death for irony.)

(Campbell has spent her time arguing that Epstein wasn’t technically a pedophile and that the U.S. Justice Department only wants to talk to Andrew about his friendship with Epstein as “a distraction so that Bill Clinton will actually be kept out of the frame.” So….)

None of these so-called experts have seen a single word of Prince Harry’s memoir. They’re certainly not in line for advance copies and the book is not available to the public until January 10, 2023.

You know who has seen the memoir?

Penguin Random House CEO Marchus Dohle, who described it as “[a] remarkable, moving journey from trauma to healing, one that speaks to the power of love will inspire and encourage millions of people around the world.” We here at denisedailydose will take his word for it.

Straight talk: Prince Harry won’t tell ALL the Windsors’ business in “Spare”.


Because it would be bad for HIS business.

To paraphrase Jay-Z, Santa Barbara Henry is not a business man, he’s a business, man!: Archewell, BetterUp, Invictus, Travelyst, Netflix, and Spotify, among others. His brand is accountability, responsibility, mental health and healing, loving husband and father, compassion, and social justice. Tabloid trashiness and gratuitous salacious personal revelations are off brand. And if Harry has shown us anything over the last six years, it’s that he knows how to handle his business. Damn!

So what we’ll get in “Spare” is basically an extension of some portions in the Oprah interview and The Me You Can’t See documentary, with more introspection and over a longer period of time–20+ years instead of three. Harry will tell us how he’s found purpose and his path to healing; who and what ‘saved’ him; how he loves his wife and children; what he hopes to accomplish with his life; and how he wishes his mom were still here.

Will “Spare” reveal things he suffered through and struggled with that are unknown to the public? Yes. (Penguin Random House didn’t shell out a reported $20 million advance for him to offer up nothing new.) Will Harry reveal unpleasant truths about his family? Yes. (Again, $20 million advance.) But his revelations will be presented through the lens of how he felt about certain events that occurred, how he reacted (good or bad), how they shaped him, how he feels about them today, and what he’s learned. And that’s pretty much it, as far as the Windsors are concerned.

Who will not be spared in Harry’s memoir is the British media. The book is likely to include a scathing indictment of it and its wholly-owned subsidiary, the royal expert/correspondent industrial complex. They know what they did to Harry, they know he barely scratched the surface with his revelations in the Harry & Meghan docu-series, and now they are shook because they don’t know how much more he will tell. That’s why they’re out here working round-the-clock to try to smear and discredit him preemptively.

So, no, Prince Harry won’t set fire to the British monarchy in “Spare” (the jury’s still out though on how far he’ll go in the Netflix documentary). That institution will continue to perpetuate its own survival in a streak unbroken since the previous King Charles. This King Charles, Third of His Name, Envier of the Tampon, and Frenemy to Fountain Pens Everywhere, will continue to publicly display his legendary pique when he forgets he’s on camera. Prince William and Duchess Kate will continue their workshy ways, except that one day a year when he tries to make Earthshot happen. Princess Michael of Kent, the King’s cousin by marriage with the Nazi father that the family tried to cover up (like their own German roots during World War I), can go back to wearing her blackamoor broach without being forced into insincere apologies. And Edward and Sophie Wessex still won’t be able to drum up interest in whatever it is they’re up to.

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