The Curious Case of Maureen Eyers….Or, ‘Dis You Richard Eden?

Daily Mail editor Richard Eden recently took to Twitter to offer some race-baity thoughts about Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and their documentary series, “Live to Lead.”

Take a look:

The host of the Sussex Set podcast, Twitter handle Vee/@MeghanMood, tweeted the following response to Eden:

Here’s where it gets interesting. What appears a personal and direct response to Vee/@MeghanMood’s quip–that Eden can only pays his bills by writing about the Sussexes because of lack of interest in the other royals–was tweeted not from Eden’s verified account but from an account bearing the name Maureen Ayers:

Here’s a look at the full thread:

Well, the thread set off a flurry of chirping in the twittersphere about whether the Maureen Eyers Twitter account is Eden’s burner account. Here are a few of examples:

So, Eden may not have been amused and enquiring minds saw their accounts blocked. We at can’t say why Richard Eden blocked these folks; what we can say is that they appear to believe they got blocked because they started asking questions, about him, and Maureen. Take a look:


Who knew that a man who has spent the better part of the last six years writing column after column after column and going on television show after television show after television show to dissect and criticize every word that comes out of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’ mouths–and many that did not–would be so thin-skinned?

A cursory review of the Maureen Eyers account impresses a virulently anti-Sussex voice determinedly trivializing and ridiculing racism and its destructive effects. (One peculiarity of the account is that retweets seemingly comprise the overwhelming portion of its engagement on Twitter, and at a rate that appears significantly higher than the average for both frequent and infrequent tweeters.)

Take a look:

So, are Maureen and Richard one in the same?

Well…say there’s a public figure who may or may not have suggested the Sussexes ‘love’ that an aristocrat White lady with ownership energy walked up to a Black lady to touch her without consent (at an event to raise awareness of domestic violence, no less!) and badger her into saying she isn’t British; and who may or may not believe the White lady wasn’t doing racism because…deafness (although her deafness wasn’t acting up when she was interacting with other White people at the event); and who may or may not want to get stuff out of his system beyond using the word ‘woke’ as a pejorative but, say, doesn’t want to get the Jeremy Clarkson treatment because he wouldn’t survive it like Jeremy Clarkson surely will because instead of being Queen Camilla’s ciggie buddy who gets invited to her fancy lunch you’re outside with your nosed pressed against the glass writing embarrassing sh*t like this. A person like that might, say, have a burner account to help out, non?

Now back to our original question: have a group of tweeps located Richard Eden’s burner Twitter account in the name of one Maureen Eyers?

Only Richard and Maureen know.

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